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Cortès houses some top-notch talent. Our tobacco specialists only select the finest leaves for the J. Cortès blue series. 

All the way from Sumatra to Bremen.

Thanks to its volcanic soil and cloudy weather, Sumatran tobacco is one of a kind. Back in the days when Indonesia was still a Dutch colony, wholesalers purchased the famous leaves in Amsterdam. 

After Indonesia’s independence, the old German town of Bremen took on the honour of selling Indonesia’s best. With more than 100 buyers, a special bidding system was set up. All the buyers attempted to buy the best tobacco, placing their bids in a closed envelope. Seeds of this tobacco have been planted in many other countries, but the exact flavour of Sumatra could never quite be obtained. 

Nowadays the bidding envelopes are history. We’re very proud that our tobacco masters Henry Masquelin and Walburg Vandenbroucke still select the finest Sumatran tobacco leaves for the J. Cortès blue series with the highest precision (and perhaps their bargaining skills too.)

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Cigars are exceptional products. That’s why we don’t want them all to end up looking (and tasting) the same. 
Join this unique petition to preserve a unique cultural heritage.

As you might know, the European union has approved a new Tobacco Product Directive, the so-called TPD2, which wants to make all tobacco products look the same. Fortunately a few leading cigar countries recognised the exceptional character of cigars and implemented article 11, which means there will only be a minor impact on our products’ presentation.

Cigars truly are one-of-a-kind: unique blends, thousands of different products, small production batches, gourmet limited editions... That’s why we cherish them so much; they belong to our cultural heritage. The new legal environment within the European region can easily destroy the unique diversity that has been crafted over the last hundreds of years. Let’s hope that other EU member states take the same decision as Spain, Italy and Portugal and allow us to keep enjoying great cigars.

Indeed, the tobacco world is strong and new initiatives have arisen. The website was founded by cigar aficionados, fully explaining the TPD2. Sign the petition and make sure to protect your beloved smokes. 

Use the hashtag #savecigars in your online communication to support cigars and cigar-lovers worldwide.

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Vision, the private banking magazine, made a beautiful portrait of our chairman CEO Guido Vandermarliere and father of current CEO Frederik Vandermarliere. Read this great interview about cigars and cookies, two mouth filling, delicious objects (pdf).

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